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Design Consultation Gift Card

$500.00 USD


At Shea and Company Design Studio, we specialize in creating stunning homes that reflect your vision for the dream home of your dreams!

What can you expect during our consultation?
During our 90-minute consultation, we'll provide intensive and personalized ideas for your home. Our session begins with a comprehensive tour of your living space, where we'll discuss your goals for each room. As we walk through, we'll offer recommendations for how you can improve each area.
We will also identify the areas of your home you want to address first (The priority areas). Next, we will gather to establish a strategy for enhancing the most important aspects. Please share any inspirational photos you collected to help us better understand your design direction.

During the consultation, what is usually discussed and covered?

  • Styling tips
  • Paint color selection
  • Window treatment ideas
  • Lighting ideas
  • Ideas for furniture layout
  • Ideas for new furniture, art, accessories
  • Ideas on how to mix patterns'
  • Help with defining a comfortable budget

To ensure a productive design consultation, it'd be super helpful if you could jot down any questions or concerns you may have beforehand. Also, we have a quick design inquiry form that'll only take 15 minutes to fill out. It'll give us a better idea of your design preferences and needs.
Design Inquiry Form

What happens after the design consultation?
Following your consultation, we head back to the lab to compile a summary of all the topics discussed and recommendations for your space. You can expect to receive this information via email within 3-5 business days. Should you choose to proceed with any of our design services, we will guide you through the process at that time.

Thank you for choosing Shea & Company Design Studio for your interior design needs.